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  • The trouble with launching a new website

    Getting non-tech media to cover tech stories can be a difficult challenge — particularly when we’re not talking about consumer electronics like iPods, Samsung Galaxy phones or the latest wide-screen TV. Hardest of all is the new company website. It’s one of those subjects that clients get very excited about — understandably if it’s taken them months of work to design and develop the new site –but from a journalist’s perspective, hey, it’s just ¬†a website. Unless the site had incredible new functionality that will benefit its users or is underpinned by technology that’s truly radical, it’s hard to find a strong journalistic angle. The other problem is how to show the new website visually. A simple screen-dump is one method but it’s unlikely to be used; a photograph¬†of the CEO sitting at a desk beside a computer displaying the new website is even worse — click here for an example.

    Ultimately, if you want to experience a new website, the obvious way to do it is to log on and try it out for yourself. Just reading about it is a bit like trying to judge a restaurant by studying its menu.

    Kim Dotcom garnered plenty of coverage for his new website Mega, but that’s as a result of the legal action taken against his previous site Megaupload, which was taken down in January 2012, and the metaphorical two fingers up to the authorities his new venture represents.

    So congratulations, then, to flower expert Interflora for the fabulous mainstream media coverage that its new My Interflora Creation website gained. Without resorting to online piracy, scantily-clad women or hiring a rapper, the company’s launch of its new site got this fulsome piece in the Daily Telegraph and this in the Daily Mail.

    A great result and a lesson to us all. It’s about the impact a new site will have on its users — and if you can’t quantify a pretty spectacular impact, it’s not likely to make the news.