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Media Coaching

media-coachingGiving your first media interview is like taking part in a sport you’ve never played before – and no one’s told you the rules. Sure, the journalists know what they’re doing – they’re experts – but you’ve somehow got to find your way through a totally unnatural conversation without making any mistakes.

Media coaching is the answer – but it needs to be bespoke media coaching, which is what the Ellipsis team deliver. Media coaching programmes created for you so you get real, measurable value from the training, not just a pack of handouts.

Whether it’s dealing with print media, or broadcast, or handling a crisis situation, we can put together the perfect coaching programme for you and your people to make the difference.

From a short phone chat, to a face-to-face print interview, to a full-blown live broadcast, we have the experience to take you through the entire interview process, beginning with your decision whether to take part or not right up to publication/broadcast and reaction that follows.
Aimed at those new to the world of media relations or who want a refresher of those skills which form the foundation of the job, the Ellipsis team can coach you in every aspect of media relations – from writing a press release to establishing and managing the press office function.
For those who’ve been in PR some time, this coaching operates at a more sophisticated level, examining specific element of the job in some detail. In particular we can help with the realities of team building and managing a PR function inside a larger organisation.

Much of a PR’s time is spent second guessing the thoughts and actions of journalists – so why not get inside the head of a journalist? We can take you through their motivations, their thought processes, the resources available to them and their operating methods and the way they’ll follow any story.

One of the few givens in PR is that you’ll spend much of your time dealing with problems of other peoples’ making and the occasional crisis, be it man-made or natural. We can take you through the entire story arc – from advance planning, to breaking the story, right through to its conclusion.
An agreed media strategy is the lynch-pin in any organisation’s PR programme. But how do you set about creating one? And how do you sell it to the people who will ultimately say yes or no: your bosses or clients? We can take you through the entire process of formulating your strategy.

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