El-lip-sis; the omission from a sentence
or other construction of one or more
words that would complete or clarify 
the construction...

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Issues management

issue-managementEvery organisation will have to deal with a crisis at some time. It could be redundancies, allegations of criminal activities, a product which has to be recalled, even the resignation of a CEO. But whatever it is, you can be certain that the media will come knocking – and probably faster than you think.

At Ellipsis, we have experience of managing pretty much every type of crisis situation. Our consultants have helped hundreds of businesses and public sector bodies manage difficult issues which had to be handled with delicacy and confidentiality. Using our skills, we can minimise the reputational damage a crisis inflicts and create a plan to put the issues behind you – fast.

Crises need to be handled quickly and efficiently so the sooner you start planning, the better. Call us now for a confidential no-obligation discussion.

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