El-lip-sis; the omission from a sentence
or other construction of one or more
words that would complete or clarify 
the construction...

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Media Relations

We’re experts in creating stories, articles and photographs that grab the media’s attention and get you the positive coverage you need. We also know precisely how journalists think…because some of us were or still are journalists.

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Media Coaching

Does the prospect of giving a media interview fill you with dread? We can show you how to prepare for any kind of interview and give the best possible performance without falling into any carefully-laid journalist traps.

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We love words – which is pretty great because they’re such a big part of what we do. Whether you need a website writing, an advertisement designing, a newsletter or a brochure, we have the editorial and creative skills to create the perfect words for your needs.

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Issues management

No one enjoys being caught in the middle of a crisis – but every organisation will have to deal with one at some time. Having handled the PR around criminal investigations, industrial disputes, business failures, even the aftermath of 9/11, we can help you.

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Social Media

Online tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can add an entirely new dimension to your PR programme or even form the core of a communication campaign. We can show you how to use these tools to generate coverage and increase customer engagement.

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