El-lip-sis; the omission from a sentence
or other construction of one or more
words that would complete or clarify 
the construction...

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  • How to make the most of attending an exhibition

    There’s no doubt that attending a major conference can be an expensive affair. Once you’ve bought your stand space, which could cost thousands of pounds, you’ll need an exhibition stand, marketing collateral, ideally some type of interactive experience or competition and, of course, you’ll need your team — who also require accommodation, food and some form of travel. So by now, as you can see, the bill is getting bigger by the moment. So here are some tips for making the most of an exhibition:

    1. Don’t just expect your people to know how to behave on your stand. Coach them. Tell them what’s expected of them and show them how to engage with people.

    2. Ask for an attendance list. Find out which journalists are attending and contact them in advance.

    3. Use social media to broadcast your presence and make connections.

    4. Issue a press release to coincide with the event.

    5. Find the media room and place some of your material where journalists can see it.

    6. Ask for a speaking slot. It’s always worth a try.

    7. Work the whole exhibition space, not just your stand. Send your people out to walk around and make contact with people.

    We run short coaching sessions for staff who will be on exhibition stands. These help them engage with people and make quick, powerful connections. If you’d like to know more, give us a call.