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  • Getting rewards from winning awards

    It’s awards season…or at least the first part of it. Certainly in the UK awards tend to come in two tranches — March-May and September-November. And while it’s great for businesses to be named Best Start-Up or the purveyor of Best Customer Service, it can prove tricky to get the media to pay much attention. Also, awards organisers may find that their gala event doesn’t feature too heavily in the pages of their favourite trade media.

    So what can a business do the maximise the PR benefits of winning an award? Here’s are some suggestions from the team at Ellipsis:

    1. A great photograph is vital. Standing looking rather wooden holding your trophy is only going to get you so far. A smile will help. An expression of elation is even better — particularly if there are 3-4 staff in the photo rather than just a sombre-suited MD.

    2. If your award is given by a media outlet, its rivals will not run the story, so always target non-competitive titles for coverage.

    3. If you’re making a speech, make sure it’s newsworthy. Thanking the team is important, but it’s not going to get you a headline. Warning that government cut-backs are going to prevent businesses like yours from investing in new technology is much stronger stuff as far as a journalist is concerned.

    4. Extend the story after the event. If you’re based in Bath but you win your award at an event in London, hold a photo call back in Bath to show off the trophy with the whole team. Celebrate by inviting school children to visit or by donating money to a local charity. Give the journalists something to write about.

    If you’d like to know more about how to get the most out of winning an industry gong, get in touch and we’ll break out our dinner jackets.