El-lip-sis; the omission from a sentence
or other construction of one or more
words that would complete or clarify 
the construction...

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Giving your first media interview is like taking part in a sport you've never played before - and no one's told you the rules. Sure, the journalists know what they're doing - they're experts - but you've somehow got to find your way through a totally unnatural conversation without making any mistakes.

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Media Coaching

We're really proud of the people who choose to work for us and the sheer brain-boggling quality of the experience and skills they bring to Ellipsis.

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Our People

Every organisation will have to deal with a crisis at some time. It could be redundancies, allegations of criminal activities, a product which has to be recalled, even the resignation of a CEO. But whatever it is, you can be certain that the media will come knocking - and probably faster than you think.

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Issue Management

We've got a camera and we're not afraid to use it. Here are a few short video blogs from the Ellipsis team focusing on communication matters or telling you what we've been getting involved with lately.

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Engaging with the media is what it's all about - because if you don't, you'll never get that positive coverage your business needs.Too many organisations wait for some perfect, risk-free opportunity that never comes. With our experience of media at all levels - both traditional and online.

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Media Relations

It's tempting to think that writing good copy is just a natural talent - perhaps something one of your staff can knock out over lunch. But writing takes effort. Creating strong copy is like pulling teeth, only with a more attractive end-result.

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